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Fresh tomato logistics

Sani Trasporti plays a crucial role during the tomato harvest as the indispensable link between producers and processing plants. Thanks to its service offering perfectly organized timelines and processes, the product is delivered with all its freshness intact. To this end, tomato transport takes places over a continuous 24-hour cycle throughout harvest time, with the help of stainless steel tanks for food use and semi-trailers equipped with on-board scales. The entire route is tracked and certified through satellite tracking.

With its chain of services, Sani Trasporti later takes care of the processed and packaged product through all the handling and packaging stages up to delivery to large retail chains.

Good fresh tomato logistics are:
The connection between producer and processing plant, a guarantee of the preservation of the quality of the product and a key asset in achieving planned objectives'

Franco Sani

and timing
make Sani Trasporti
the leader in
fresh tomato logistics
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