Tomato Transportation

Specialists in Tomato Transportation

The Freshness of the Tomato, Fast and Safe Delivery

During the peak tomato season, Sani Trasporti plays a crucial role, handling over 6000 annual loads that connect producers with processing industries. 

Our precision logistics ensures that every load of tomatoes maintains its unmatched freshness from the field to the consumer.

Continuous 24/7 Transport

During harvest, we operate continuously to ensure that the time from field to processing is minimized.

Specialized Equipment

We use certified stainless steel tanks for food use and trailers equipped with weighing systems to maintain quality during transport.

Satellite Monitoring

Every phase of the transport is monitored via GPS, with all routes and transport conditions rigorously tracked and documented to ensure maximum safety and compliance.

Your Trusted Partner in Tomato Logistics

Constant Commitment to Quality and Freshness

A reliable partner for food transportation, Sani Transports is your strategic ally in tomato logistics, ensuring that every product that reaches its destination is synonymous with quality and freshness. 

Contact us today to discover how we can support your supply chain.

Benefits of Our Transport Service

Quality Maintenance

We preserve the nutritional value and freshness of tomatoes, extending their shelf life and enhancing their market value with optimized transport methods.

Operational Efficiency

We reduce waste and costs by synchronizing our delivery times with production and processing cycles, for a more efficient transport service.

Comprehensive Support

We offer a complete service from collection to delivery, ensuring that every phase adheres to the highest standards with innovative packaging solutions.
Explore our projects

Our projects

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