Food Transportation

Optimization and Safety: Our Commitments to Your Success

Safe and Specialized Food Transport

Explore our range of food transport solutions dedicated to companies requiring the utmost reliability and safety. Sani Transports combines years of experience with the latest innovations to deliver logistical excellence.

Specialists in Food Transportation for Generations

Groupage Optimization

Sani Trasporti offers organized groupage solutions, allowing our corporate clients to optimize costs and improve logistical efficiency.

By grouping partial shipments into a single load, we can guarantee faster deliveries and reduce environmental impact.

Our advanced logistical management system ensures that each batch is precisely monitored, from departure to arrival, always adhering to the highest food safety standards.

Guarantee of freshness and timeliness directly to your points of sale.

Direct Agri-food Deliveries

Our extensive network allows for direct deliveries to supermarkets in central and northern Italy, ensuring the maximum freshness of the transported food products.

 This service is ideal for producers who need reliability and timeliness in deliveries to retail points.

Recovery and reverse logistics for your company.

Specialized Pickup Services

We perform pickups of raw materials and packaging throughout central and northern Italy. Our service is tailor-made to meet the needs of food and industrial companies, ensuring precisely scheduled pickups. 

With Sani Trasporti, your resources are managed with the utmost professionalism, ready to be reinserted into the production or distribution cycle.


Optimize GDO Deliveries with SaniTransports' Artificial Intelligence

AI-Optimized GDO Delivery Service

Sani Trasporti expands its food transport services with optimized deliveries to Large Organized Distributors (GDO), using the most sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies. Our customized service exceeds expectations in terms of efficiency and precision in distribution.

Sani Trasporti's AI technology continuously improves delivery management, allowing us to predict and plan the most effective routes. This adapts in real time to variables such as traffic and weather conditions, ensuring that every product arrives at the points of sale in the best conditions and at the right time.

Relying on Sani Trasporti for GDO deliveries guarantees a distribution flow managed with precision and professionalism, making every operation more efficient and reliable.

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Our projects

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