Optimize Your Supply Chain with Our Advanced Packaging Solutions

Complete Outsourcing Services for Packaging

Sani Trasporti innovates in the packaging sector with advanced logistical solutions. Our experience in transport and storage combines with both automated and manual packaging lines, ensuring maximum productivity and flexibility. Choose our complete services of packaging, labeling, and quality control, entrusted to a team of experts.

Personalized Packaging and Packing Solutions

Shrink Wrapping

Seal and protect your products with our precision shrink-wrapping service, ideal for every size and type of goods.


We update and adapt your products with quick and reliable repackaging to respond to the changing market needs.

Custom Packaging

From jars to mixed items, our packaging line adjusts to ensure optimal protection and presentation of the product.

Precision Labeling

Labeling is both an art and a science; rely on our experience for labels that catch the eye and clearly inform.

Sustainability and Efficiency in Packaging

Sani Trasporti is not only synonymous with quality but also with sustainability. Our packaging lines have been optimized to reduce waste and increase efficiency, supporting your environmental sustainability goals.

Advanced and Customized Packaging Solutions for Every Need

Promotions and Display Setup

Launching a promotion or a display has never been simpler. With our promotional management and display setup services, we ensure that your products stand out at the point of sale.

Gift Packs

From the design of the packaging to the choice of materials, we take care of every detail to create a lasting impression, ideal for special occasions or as part of targeted marketing strategies.

Special Mixed Items

We offer customized solutions for packaging mixed items, ensuring that different products are packaged together safely and aesthetically pleasing.

Package Assembly

Our package assembly service is ideal for clients who need combinations of different products within a single package.

Cluster Solutions

Specialized in creating cluster packages, we provide solutions that allow grouping multiple products or variants of the same item into a single practical and secure package. This option is particularly advantageous for optimizing shipping costs and improving logistical efficiency, while also offering consumers convenient and attractive packages.

Precision, Versatility, and Innovation for Your Product

Our Specialized Packaging Lines

Glass Cluster Line

Cluster 1x2 bottle of 235 gr
Cluster 1x2 bottle of 400 gr
Cluster 1x2 bottle of 560 gr
Cluster 1x2 bottle of 700 gr

Jar Cluster Line

Cluster 1x2 jar of 210 gr
Cluster 1x3 jar of 210 gr
Cluster 1x2 jar of 400 gr
Cluster 1x3 jar of 400 gr

Jar Cluster Line

130 gr
185 gr
200 gr

Paper Labeling Line

Hot glue wrap-around label for jars in the formats:

235 gr
400 gr
560 gr
700 gr

Hot glue wrap-around label for sauces in the formats:

300 gr
400 gr

Jar Shrink Wrapping Line

1x6 jar of 880 gr
1x12 jar of 880 gr
1x24 jar of 880 gr
1x6 jar of 210 gr
1x12 jar of 210 gr
1x24 jar of 210 gr
1x6 jar of 400 gr
1x12 jar of 400 gr
1x24 jar of 400 gr

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