Warehouse Size

100.000 SQM

Food Hygiene Regulations


Total Capacity


Our Storage Services

Immediate Storage Solutions

Dynamic Short-term Storage

For companies needing immediate storage solutions, we offer a short-term storage service characterized by maximum flexibility and timeliness. Perfect for quickly responding to market needs and last-minute requests.

Long-term Storage Strategies

Planned Long-term
Storage Solutions

Our long-term storage service is designed for corporate clients who want advanced planning and worry-free inventory management. Keep your goods in optimal conditions for extended periods, benefiting from our dedicated attention and cutting-edge security systems.

Why Choose Us?

Continuous 24/7 Transport

Your goods never sleep, and neither do we. Operating day and night, we are ready to respond quickly to reduce waiting times and maximize efficiency.

Specialized Equipment

Rely on certified, cutting-edge transport technologies for the safety and integrity of your product, from the field to the final destination.

Satellite Monitoring

The peace of mind knowing that every movement is under control, with precise tracking systems that ensure transparency and security.
Customized Storage Solutions

Efficiency and Safety in Goods Storage

We offer a secure and flexible storage service, designed to adapt to every client's needs. With state-of-the-art facilities and 24/7 surveillance, your inventory is always protected and accessible.

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