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A Truck's Legacy: Growth and Innovation in the Heart of Italy

A Family Journey in Food Logistics

Every company has its origins, its challenges, its triumphs. Our adventure began back in 1950 when a man, Enzo Sani, and his truck embarked on the first journey along the roads of Emilia-Romagna. That journey marked the beginning of Sani Trasporti, an epic that unfolds through decades of change, growth, and unending passion.

Over the years, we have expanded our horizons beyond our native valleys, growing into a company with a broad logistics network that today proudly serves all of Italy. We have become a key piece in the supply chain of the food sector, a reliable partner known for the precision of timing and the safety of deliveries.

Ours is a story of resilience and renewal, where each success has been built on the legacy of that single truck and the work ethic of its owner. A story of a family that looked far ahead, investing in cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies to ensure a service that today is synonymous with excellence in food transport.

Values That Guide
Every Journey

At Sani Trasporti, we believe in the power of tradition coupled with innovation. More than 70 years of experience have taught us that true value is built with integrity, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We support this with constant investments in advanced technologies and sustainable practices, to ensure not only the success of our clients but also the protection of the environment.

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